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How to Avoid Falling a Sleep While Driving

The need to doze is common when you are driving after a full working day, or when traveling long distance. However, it obviously is not affordable. So there are some I would like to give away to help you stay awake while driving.

Get The Help Of Water & Caffeine

Drinking caffeine and energy drink is the most common precaution people would take. But sometimes even drinking caffeine or energy drinks won’t work, especially when your body is too tired. So there must be other techniques. First of all, avoid eating much while you drive. Have you ever felt the need to relax after a meal? Everybody does. A full stomach always makes you sleepy as your body relaxes. Next, if you have company, well and good, if you alone keep your radio on and enjoy the most annoying RJ. If that’s not working for you and you still feel really dizzy, stop your car somewhere safe and take some fresh air and wash your face.

Relax Your Body!

Water provides your body more oxygen, which automatically refreshes your brain and increases its ability to delay the need to relax. Drink as much water as you can. While driving, keep chewing a gum. Chewing gum is basically a way to keep your brain busy; you can also try ice as it always works to keep you awake. Lastly, always remember that there is a “phase” of sleep. After a certain point your body automatically delays the need to sleep and you feel less dizzy or sometimes more active, so all you have to do is passing that point and you can easily avoid sleeping while driving.

When tired and facing an emergency, if you are in Alameda you can contact Towing Alameda services for roadside assistance any time anywhere in Alameda.