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Don’t waste time looking all over Alameda for a good tow truck service when you need a tow. Friendly, reliable towing service is only one phone call away. Towing Alameda can handle all your towing needs. We offer dependable towing service that will get you from point A to point B anywhere across Alameda. From light-duty towing to car towing to flatbed towing, when you need to move that car with the locked up breaks, we provide the towing service you need. Our local and long-distance towing services are ready. Call us anytime and put the quality tow truck service of Towing Alameda to work.

Flatbed Towing Services For Big Jobs in Alameda

Sometimes you need something more than just regular car towing services. When that is the case, call Towing Alameda. Our flatbed towing services guarantees that you know you are getting the towing service you need no matter what needs towing. If your car is already having serious problems, don’t risk more damage to it. For Alameda local and long-distance towing, flatbed towing provides safe transportation of any vehicle. Our flatbed towing service is available at any time so, so worry less about your towing service and more about your car.

Alameda Towing – 24/7 Professional, Certified Service

Wherever you are it is always a good idea to know what you are getting before you sign anything, and Alameda is no exception. We ensure that you get a reliable towing service every time. Our drivers are licensed and bonded and our technicians bring years of towing service experience to the table. And our Honest Price policy means that you won’t be paying too much for that towing service, whatever it may be. So give us a call and you can be sure that in you will always get the towing service you are paying for.

Don’t get despondent over troubles in Alameda. Our team is ready to lift your spirits with our services and prices. Any towing service, big or small, is no problem because we have the experience and service you can trust.

For car towing, light duty towing or any other towing service Alameda, contact us today (510) 373- 9630