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How to Prevent a Car Lock Out Situation From Happening

Getting locked out of your car is extremely frustrating, there are measures worth taking which substantially lower the risk of such an occurrence.

The most common cause for a car lockout situation is losing our car keys. To prevent this from happening, indulge yourself with a key chain that you like well enough for it to become a treasured item.
Get used to storing and carrying your car keys at certain designated places in each circumstance, at home (in a particular drawer or on a certain shelf), in your handbag/briefcase, in one particular trouser pocket, etc.

When getting ready to leave a place you visited (a business meeting, a shop, a restaurant, etc.) make it a habit to check if you are not leaving your car keys behind.
Keep a spare set of car keys at home so that if you do happen to lose the set you use you can make your way home by other means of transport, pick up the spare set and use it. Remember to make a new duplicate so that you again have one to store at home.

There are those who opt for keeping a spare key hidden somewhere outside the car. This is a possibility but it naturally involves raising the risk of your car getting stolen.