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24h Battery Jump Start Service in Alameda City

There may be several reasons why a vehicle’s battery becomes too flat to allow normal starting up of the engine. Many times it is a mere matter of leaving the headlights on while the vehicle is parked with its engine switched off.
Whatever the reason causing the battery to be drained many times a simple battery jump start can remedy the situation.

Do it Yourself or Call a Professional Service

When in need of a battery jump start you may feel inclined to do it yourself. It may seem that all that’s necessary is a pair of jumper cables and a good Samaritan willing to help by allowing you to attach your vehicle’s battery to theirs. But battery jump starts are more tricky than first meets the eye.
There are nuances that only professionals are aware of, some dismantling may be called for (to expose battery poles), etc.

Benefits of a Professional Service

There are several benefits to calling in professional roadside assistance providers to perform a battery jump start for you.
Professional techs know how to get to the battery poles which in most modern vehicles are covered. They have the necessary tools and can get the job done faster and with no chance of damaging your vehicle’s electric systems.
With battery, jump starts it is important that you call in a service you can count, someone who will arrive within the ETA promised, will have you back on your way quickly and will charge a fair price for their service. Towing Alameda is exactly the type of company you want handling a battery jump start for you.

Part of a Full Range of Roadside Assistance Services

Towing Alameda offers all types of towing and roadside assistance services. Battery jump starts naturally among them.
We provide our towing services through a network of independent tow truck operators. They are available 24/7 every day of the year and guarantee fast arrival anywhere in or around Alameda. Our rates are highly competitive and our service top class.

Among the roadside assistance services we offer are:

  • Gas filling
  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump start
  • Dead battery replacement
  • Car lockout solutions
  • Recovery (winch)
  • Any other type of roadside assistance

We also provide all types of auto wrecker services.